The 'pg' plugin

Replace Tymly's out-the-box memory storage with PostgreSQL

Package details

Name: tymly-pg-plugin

Version: 0.0.6

Github: /tymly/plugins/tymly-pg-plugin


Name Description
storage Replaces the default in-memory storage solution with a MongoDB-backed alternative


Name Description
exportingCsvDeltaFile Outputs change-only-update CSV files (or “delta” files) that contain all the necessary actions required to re-synchronize rows in a cloned table - just a thin wrapper over pg-delta-file
importingCsvFiles Takes a specifically-named directory structure of CSV files and conjures bulk insert, update and delete statements and applies them to a PostgreSQL database - just a thin wrapper over Supercopy
synchronizingTable Takes the contents of one PostgreSQL table, applies a transformation function to each row and ensures a target table is kept in sync - just a thin wrapper over pg-telepods