The 'tymly' plugin

A framework for building and sharing workflows in Node.js

Package details

Name: tymly

Version: 0.0.15

Github: /tymly/plugins/tymly


Name Description
env Allows a state to refer to an environment variable
sprintf Derive a runtime value using a sprintf string template
value Get a value from the Tymly's context


Name Description
blueprintDocs Allows tracking of documents created via blueprints, so they don't get reverted when Tymly restarts
caches Adds lru-cache-based caching to Tymly. Note defaults will be used if no caches configuration is provided.
commands Service to support blueprint commands
expression Provides safe, Esprima-based expression evaluation
functions Adds ability to run custom logic as defined in a blueprint
inventory Collates component information by scanning plugins. The results can then be used by tooling and documentation-generators
rbac Provides JWT-based authentication capabilities
registry Provides a mechanism for states to refer to site-specific values
statebox Runs state machines defined in Amazon States Language
storage This is the default in-memory storage service that ships with Tymly. Useful for testing and not much else.
tags Provides a generic mechanism to help tag/classify search results, tasks, forms etc.
temp Helps configure and manage a temporary folder for Tymly to use
users Adds user-management capabilities to Tymly (e.g. authorization checks, what flows/forms a user is entitled to instigate etc.)


Name Description
findingById Fetches a single document by its primary key values from storage and adds to a Tymly context
findingOne Finds one document from storage
logging Logs to the console via a template
upserting Perists a document to storage