caches service

Adds lru-cache-based caching to Tymly. Note defaults will be used if no caches configuration is provided. This service is provided via the tymly plugin and isn't offered by any of the other core plugins.

Boot config

  "caches": {
    "userMemberships": {
      "max": 500
Property Type Description Required
max number The maximum size of the cache, checked by applying the length function to all values in the cache. Not setting this will fall-back to a service-level default. No
maxAge number Maximum age in ms. Items are not pro-actively pruned out as they age, but if you try to get an item that is too old, it’ll drop it and return undefined No

Service methods/properties


Any cache defined in the config will be automatically created at boot-time… the defaultIfNotInConfig method allows services to explicitly define a required cache if not mentioned in config.


  • cacheName string Unique name of the cache to create if not in config
  • options Object As per the config section


    max: 500

Returns undefined