inventory service

Collates component information by scanning plugins. The results can then be used by tooling and documentation-generators. This service is provided via the tymly plugin and isn't offered by any of the other core plugins.

Boot config

  • This service doesn’t require any configuration to boot.

Service methods/properties


Scan the supplied plugin-paths and extract all manner of information for subsequent use by tooling and doc-generators.


  • options Object
    • options.pluginPaths Array<string> Where to find all plugins that need scanning. Supports wildcards.
    • options.blueprintPaths Array<string> Where to find all blueprints that need scanning. Supports wildcards - not implemented yet.
  • callback Function Called with all the information found about the supplied plugin paths


    pluginPaths [
  function (err, inventory) {
    // 'inventory' is an object representing the contents of all the provided plugins

Returns undefined

Boots before